Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The return of Outfit of the Week

Hey there! Remember a little thing known round these parts as the outfit of the week (OOTW)? Remember how it went out one day and NEVER RETURNED? Well, when the OOTW heard that Madonna was going to be 50 this week, it made up it's mind to come back to the fold, with it's head bowed and grovelling for forgiveness - much like the Prodigal Son from the bible.

And what did I do? Why I welcomed the OOTW with open arms and much rejoicing but - lacking a fatted calf - we had to make do with a couple of beers.

Rejoice! Celebrate and be glad, for this your OOTW was dead, and is alive; it was lost, and is found.

Oh, and also: Ash? Thanks for caring!

Can 80s Madonna, translate to the 21st century without looking like a bag lady with an identity crisis? You be the judge. Rate the outfit.

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