Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Outfit of the week - Madonna special

You crash landed on the moon, where you slept in a coma for 100 years. You're in the wilds of the Himalayas where you've been living with wolves since you were a child. You are in the seventh level of hell. These are the only instances in which you maybe, just maybe would not know that Madonna turns 50 this week.

And what better way to celebrate Her Madgesty's birthday than to take a look at some of her more random/iconic outfits over the years and try to recreate them 21st Century stylie? [NB: I hadn't realised how long it would take me to put one outfit together - never mind several. So this post will be coming to you in parts]

Mid-80s Madonna
I was an 8os teen, so I can confirm, that I did indeed dress like this at some point in my life. Luckily for me, all photographic evidence has since been destroyed. Unfortunately for Madonna, this is patently not the case.

This was the era well before fast-fashion and a little while after punk, so basically plain cheapish outfits and an eclectic mix of accesories to pull the look together and give it some edgy individuality. Note the Ray Bans (coming back around) and the slouchy tee (ditto). Does anyone wear cut-off leggings anymore?

Can you pull this look off in the 21st century without looking like the village idiot or a drag tribute act?

You tell me.

8os Madonna in the 21st century

I've kept the gloves and jewellery pretty much as they were, although I have added a sneaky skull necklace to the rosaries just even things out a little. Like I said, slouchy tees are back in vogue (can the sudden urge to dress down have something to do with the credit crunch?) and I've replaced the cropped leggings with the slouchy pant (or trouser - if your English - which I am. But... Meh) du jour, the harem pant.

I thought the leopard print socks would add some interest to cute booties although, now I'm thinking converse high tops would look better. Instead of the headscarf I've gone for the super-cute, mini-pillbox fascinator...Why not?

Slouchy tee and Harem pants, Topshop
Rosaries and skull pendant chain, Topman
Cuffed bootie, Office
Lace fingerless gloves, Chicken Shop
Silver bangles, ASOS
Leopard print socks, Dorothy Perkins

Madonna image courtesy madonnalicious

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