Thursday, 24 July 2008

I want it now! Faith heart clutch, £30

When I think accessories on the high street, Faith isn't a brand that immediately comes to mind. But recently, I've seen them edging more and more into my conciousness (at least that bit of my consciousness that sees something bright shiny and covetable and goes "oooh!") when I think I might need a little cheap outfit pick-me-up.

They are by no means there yet with a ready stock of "lovies" (to quote Susie Bubble) but every so often they come up with the goods. This gorgeous bag is a good example.

Love that shiny red and the heart shaped, hard frame. The shape also looks nice a robust - like you might be able to fit in more than a credit card and a small mobile phone - and not cheap and flat. And, thoughtfully, they've provided a nice long chain handle.

My only quibble is, seeing as it's not made of leather, can the £30 price tag really be justified? In these financially times, I'm thinking: not. Still, nice to look at.

Also comes in black, for those of you who don't share my penchant for brights.

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