Friday, 18 July 2008

1930s Mannish

I love dressing up. Not just in the dressing to go out kind of way. I actually think of dressing up in a childlike way, like stumbling on your mum's trunk in the attic when you're five and trying all the clothes on. It's fun.

I like costume, the idea of becoming someone different or at least looking different - clothes as something to appear in but also to hide behind.

I have my hair in locks and most of the time I wear it straight but I've been fooling around with ways of changing my appearance via my hair, so I curled it and it came out in a great poodle-curled bob. Which made me think of Marlene Dietrich's hair in the film Blue Angel. Which in turn made me think of her mannish style.

The ever so poised and stylish Ms Dietrich

So for work today, I decided to dress up in an outfit that sort of went with the hairstyle. My main mannish accountrements were the hair, a pair of lace-up shoes and a great blazer that I picked up in a vintage shop in New York. And let me just say, I love that scarf! Best £8 I ever spent. On a scarf.

Vintage Emporio Armani blazer, Uniqlo culottes, H&M body, socks and scarf, New Look silver lace-ups

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