Monday, 28 July 2008

Fugly Update- Warehouse silk print dress

A while back I wrote a So Fugly on this Warehouse silk print dress. The comments came in - mostly agreeing with me that the designers, while starting out with good intentions, might have been a little bit *ahem* high.

Make Do kindly offered to check out the offending item in the flesh and agreed that indeed the addition of the pelmet was an addition too far. And yes, I know that pelmets and peplums are the new fashion twist du jour but really, there is so much else going on with this dress that it is sinking under the weight of it's own fashion-y knicker knackers (I do believe that is the technical term...).

While doing my monthly scan of spam emails - which mostly consist of exhortations for me to enlarge my penis and buy fake designer jewellery - I came across an email from an avid reader who also happens to work for Warehouse, which goes:

I received your news letter today and it's such a shame you don't like the dress as it featured in Grazia this week, but you must feel quite strongly about it!? I hope you don't feel this strongly about the whole collection.

So let me just set the record straight on this:
  1. I dearly wanted to like this dress but I got too distressed by it's full on OTT-ness. If the dress could speak, it would be plaintively wailing: "No mas. No mas!" while weeping softly and cursing mankind.
  2. I can usually find something to like in any given Warehouse collection and when I do, I am effusive in my praise. Take this skirt, for instance.
  3. Contrary to popular contemporary opinion, Grazia is not God. And that dress? Still Fugly.
  4. Also, dear Warehouse person-who-will-not-be-named, send me some bumf about your entire Autumn collection and I will happily review the items I like.
The latest news is that the dress has been featured in the Sunday Times Style mag as a "Star Buy" - to which I say: there's just no accounting for taste, is there?

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