Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bringing super back

It's looking increasingly like the original Supermodels (and by that I mean the 80s supermodels) are making a comeback. In the past few days I've seen shoots with Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi (okay, Naomi was never officially "away" but let's overlook that for the sake of this post, shall we).

I, for one, am glad they're back. I've missed them so. The Supers are the fashion icons I grew up with. Long before the waif was chic. Long before celebrity became a vocation, and actors and singers became a brand, the Supers bestrode the fashion world like Colossi.

They were strong, they were sexy, they didn't get out of bed for less than an average person's annual wages, and I loved them all. Because although they were freakishly tall and well put together, they still looked like they'd had their fair share of hot dinners. They had a beauty that you could aspire to - if maybe not fully achieve.

Even all these years later, they still look like they can kick some arse as well as look glamourous. Today's walking cadavers, AKA models, simply don't compare.

Thigh's the limit - Naomi for V mag

Wonder woman - Christy strikes a pose for W mag

Still not getting out of bed - Linda for Prada

Not a skinny breastbone in sight - Cindy in her hey day (and she still looks amazing)

Images courtesy Fashionation

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