Friday, 13 June 2008

Uber Mensh - Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Wendy Brandes Jewelry is a fashion blog like no other. One day she's writing about dead queens and inspirations for jewelry designs, the next she's ripping the (usually deserved) shit out of some poor soul who's dared to cross her.

She's alternatively serious and intellectual or swearing like a seasoned navvy. On a one day shore leave. In a very dirty brothel. Depends on what day or in what you mood you find her really. But one things is constant: every post is filled with wit, charm and character.

She is just as likely to call us all bitches as she is to tell us about her various doings with the doting Mr B (her husband), friends and family. And we lap it all up, because you can't help but love Wendy B.

She has an infectious style that makes her feel like a good - albeit virtual - friend.

In other words she's pretty fabulous.

Wendy B, for your unhealthy obsessions with latex, bows and lolz catz, and your energy and enthusiasm not just for blogging but for other bloggers, you've just been Uber Mensh-ed.

Favourite posts:

No such thing as bad publicity? Let's Test - Wendy takes on the spammers and whups their sorry behinds right back to fugly town.
Living high on the iHog... in Latex Meet Fernando von Bakonstein and discover the depths of Wendy's latex obsession. But this post is about so much more than that. Read it.
About this blog - Everything that you've ever wanted to know about Wendy B in one handy, bitesized blog post.

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