Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Televisual treats and not a trace of Big Brother

God bless the BBC i-player, for it has totally revolutionised the way I watch telly. At first, I used it solely to feed my enduring love affair with Dr Who, new assistant Donna, notwithstanding (didn't you just love it when she got hit by a truck in Left Turn?).

Then I used it to wonder onto the world of The Mighty Boosh because I like to know what Noel Fielding's hair is doing at all times.

But now I've discovered Mary Portas or Mary Queen of Shops. For those who don't know, Mary Portas is a bit of a fashion business guru and in the programme she goes to different failing boutique every week, dispensing no-nonsense advice and miracle turnarounds.

She's part Nicky Hambleton-Jones - only a lot better dressed, part 'Surallan' Sugar (I look forward to the day when one the Apprentice wannabes turns to him in the boardroom and says: "no, you tosser, your fired!" Please God, let it be soon)- but a lot smarter, and part Gordon Ramsey - but with lady bits and a smoother face.It's absolute genius telly. It's worth the watch just to see what she's wearing every week and to see if she'll make another shop owner cry - which she invariably does. I am hooked.

Then there's my other new favourite - Shopping Is My Life, where shopaholics are made to face up to and change their spendthrift ways. I should probably be on that show but I'd prefer to keep my guilty purchases to myself, thank you. Although it has started me thinking about how much I spend and what I spend it on and why I spend it.

I could possibly do with not buying quite so much. But I already know that, which is why I've gone all DIY of late. Seriously, if you think you might have a teensy bit of a shopping problem, check this show out. If nothing else, it'll put your guilt about the odd £20 Primark purchase into perspective.

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