Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Shoe Lurve - El Dantes cutout wedge sandal, £116 at Faith

I really, really want some super high, super glam, wedge sandals for summer. I've seen a few doozies knocking about on Facehunter that I totally covet but I'm yet to find anything like them.

Still these El Dantes cutout wooden wedges have definitely caught my eye. They're a bit pricey, even when reduced from £145 to £116 but they're also more than a bit gorgeous. They'd look great with a floaty, floral maxi dress and chunky, ethnic-inspired jewellery. Or hoiking up my legs so I can just about get away with short, shorts.

Now, I just have to decide whether to go with the black or yellow... I. Must. Resist. Buying. Both.

PS: Yes, I'm aware that the Outfit of the Week is still pending. I'm having a busy week, so it'll be late but it will appear at some point this week. Promise!

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