Saturday, 3 May 2008

Is it swimwear time already?

I only ask because it feels like it was only yesterday that it was raining down by the bucketful... Oh, wait... It was only yesterday! Still, I keep getting google searches coming up for swimwear, so some of you out there obviously desperately need to know where the wear is.

Maybe you aim to stockpile them until a faint glimmer of sun appears on the horizon. Then you'll magic up a beach (and some naked, nubile, young, grape-peeling men) and have a costume change every few minutes, as the foolish women who didn't follow your example look on while flagellating themselves with last year's swimsuits.

Or maybe you're taking an early holiday somewhere sunny and need a little something skimpy but cute.

Whatever your reasons, here's some eye-candy for you.

The ultimate figure flatterers/bulge hiders, these also have the advantage of being cute and glamorous. Wear them and pretend that your a 50s starlet waiting for your close-up. Where's Mr DeMille when you need him?
White with red hearts, £30 and red skirted with white spots, £35, both Jasmine Guinness at Oli
Navy skirted with bow, £98, Fifi Chacnil at Figleaves. Buy it now!
Flower print with detachable strap, £113, Marian Melhorne at House of Fraser. Buy it now!

The Bikini
It's times like these that I get distinctly envious of anyone who lives in America, because you can get your hands on this outstanding pair of high-waisted bikini shorts for a ludicrously cheap $2.99! That's less than a cup of coffee down my local greasy spoon. *en.vy.* Then you can mix and match with your choice of any of these beauteous bikini tops.
High waist shorts, $2.99; pink bandeau, $9.99; multi halter, $7.99; neon underwired, $16.99; all at Newport News

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