Thursday, 10 April 2008

Quirky sunglasses rule okay

I'm not a huge fan of the "vanilla" look (big surprise), so if an item hasn't got certain quirky bordering on bizzare feature I tend to overlook it completely.

Reading this post by Michelle at Kingdom of Style, made me think of how much I love to collect crazy sunglasses: huge one's the size of your forehead, interesting shapes, colours and features. Anything, in fact, that will make normal people do a double-take. Yes, there's a bit of exhibitionism thrown in there somewhere but mostly I'm thinking that sunglasses are a form of mask and if you're going to wear a mask, you might as well have fun with it and wear something interesting.

So I did an internet trawl for interesting and different sunglasses and found these, which are pretty much just the way I like 'em (click on image to enlarge):

1. Op-art (with dangly bits!) at Modern Handbag
2. Classic cat eyes, 3. Voilet acetate, both at Eyewear Collection
4. Red cat eyes at Klasik
5. A. Sutain cat eyes at Harlem's Heaven
6. Multi-coloured sunglass brooches at Voodoopickle - not strictly sunglasses but so cute
7. Polkadotted pink at 80s Purple
8. Silhouette Futura at Vintage Sunglasses
9. Kiddies mantis bug glasses at Growing Tree Toys
10. Black leather bat mask at Maskmaker - I couldn't resist the drama of this piece
11. Vintage movie star at Vintage Writing

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