Monday, 28 April 2008

It's the Noodle Doodle Man!

After a lovely relaxing weekend, bordering on soporific, I woke up this morning to a sound loop from my childhood playing in my head. It was the Noodle Doodle Man.

For those of you who who just went "wha?!", let me explain: the Noodle Doodle Man was a character used to advertise Heinz Noodle Doodles (spaghetti shapes in tomato sauce) circa 1976. The adverts, to my 6-year-old mind, were nothing less than brilliant and I nearly wet myself with joy when Dad came back from work one day with a promo single of the song.

Now, the only thing more awesome than the Noodle Doodle song, was the "B" side tune, Noodle Doodle Man on the moon, which I proceeded to play to death for the rest of my childhood.

It is one of those things - along the ability to recite the entire movie script of the Wizard of Oz, a total addiction to jelly sweets and an obsession with dressing up - that has stayed with me. One of the abiding memories of miy childhood is of me and my little brother trampolining on the guest room bed to the sounds of the Noodle Doodle Man. Ah, those halcyon days of innocence...

The internet, being the all round fount of all loveliness that it is, yielded up a full mp3 track of The Noodle Doodle Man on the Moon, voiced by John Pertwee. Enjoy.

Images (manipulated by me) and MP3 track via The Spicy Couldron

Enquiring minds want to know: what are some of the more enduring memories from your childhood. Share!

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