Thursday, 13 March 2008

Five of of the best... playsuits

After having last year written a post about the very wrongness of the playsuit, it makes a certain kind of sense that I would suddenly develop a major crush on them this year.

Maybe it's because this year's playsuit is not as flimsy or tacky as last year's. Maybe I've just made peace with the idea of the inevitable toilet disasters that will ensue. Or maybe it's because at the back of my mind I have big plans for making my own baggy, safari version using the material I bought on my travels and I can see myself so clearly in the garment with leather platform sandals, the waist cinched in with a wide leather belt, chunky wooden bangles adorning my arms and ethnic necklace around my neck...

Whatever. I take it all back. Never mind the loo visiting logistics of it, this summer playsuits rule.
Clockwise from top: Topshop ditsy print, £45; ASOS purple print, £45; River Island knitted, £34.99; Killah silk
at House of Fraser, £65; Oli strapless, £14.50

And the best of the rest...

Because there were just so many pretty ones to choose from.
Left to right: River Island ditsy print, £26.99; Oli strapless jersey, £19; M&S silk halterneck, £39.50

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