Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Not just for boys

Having just read recently about the new sign-up of Mjolk and Material Boy to Topman's Lens range. I've been wondering more and more about whether I can get away with shopping in th e men's sections of my favourite high street shops.

Afterall, in this the era of the metrosexual male, men's clothing is going through some radical changes, which means that you are just as likely to find that skin tight neon tee at Topman as you are in Topshop.

I remember doing tomboy chic when I was very young and barely out of a training bra (it was the 80s okay!) But let's not kid ourselves, it'll be a freezing winter's morn in hell before I''ll be doing the tomboy walk in a baggy tee and boyfriend jeans now, without some major adjustments for shape.

However, the old grey cells did start a-ticking at the idea of raiding the male warddrobe and what better place to start than in the accessories section? So if you're need a change of shopping scene, why not check out these babies?

Clockwise from top: Topman yellow armband, £8; ASOS enamel badges, £6 for set of three; Illustrated People silver evil mickey pendant and chain, £120 at ASOS; Carvela green sneakers, £65; Urban outfitters, grafitti belt, £25; River Island leather wallet, £12.99; All Saints shatter badges, £15; , Star ring, Topman, £6

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