Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Five of the best... statement necklaces

I've only been back 2 minutes and already the lust is on. Supersized neck candy is suddenly my number one crave fave. I'm talking about the giant, pain-in-the-neck, bold and brassy necklaces that have suddenly popped up like some enormous pox infestation on the high street (sorry about the multiple medical metaphors... sometimes I just cannot help myself *sigh*)

Whatever the case is, I'm loving it. I can't wait to clash ASOS's gorgeous multi-coloured breastplate of a necklace with some sunny brights (anything to get over this distinctly unsunny weather) and River Island's faux vintage crystal collar will make even the most severe little black dress look whimsical. Must. Shop. Now.

I find myself without Photoshop, so excuse the rather uninspired visuals.

Necklaces from top: Miss Selfridge floral, £12; Mikey animal heart, £18; La Redoute colored discs, £13; River Island crystal, £29.99; ASOS enamel, £14

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