Thursday, 10 January 2008

Shoes, shoes everywhere...

I may not be in any position to buy anything lately but that hasn't stopped me stalking the online sales like a voyeuristic shoe-monster. My latest crush is A relatively new site (it only opened in August last year) it's aim is to sell gorgeous shoes from established and up-and-coming designers. Which is a happy coincidence since my aim is to buy gorgeous shoes - when I can afford them.

They're not bursting at the seams with stuff yet and the website could do with a little more work but with designers like Jenne O, Beatrix Ong and Georgina Goodman, they've got the shoes bit right. And the best news of all? They've got a sale on!

Here are some of the pairs I covet:

Click on image to enlarge
1. Nicole Brundage patent knee boots, £186 (black), £152 (white) - so shiny, so retro, so me!
2. Georgina Goodman black and gold striped platforms, £120 - "on-trend" for spring/summer 08
3. Jenne O pewter shboots, £125 - is it a shoe? Is it a boot? Is it a slipper? Don't know but definitely gorgeous
4. Beatrix Ong cut-out shboots, £131 - love the cutout detail

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