Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Long time, no see [no news is bad news]

First of all I really must apologise for the appalling lack of posts in the past week (a week! Seven whole days and no posts... Not good at all). Anyway, there are mitigating circumstances; mainly that I am in the throes of frenzied and interminable packing for the big move this weekend. Now I understand why moving is apparently one of the most stressful things you can do in your entire life.

I envy those cool, collected people who manage to make the move with minimum fuss. Sadly, I'm not one of them. I started out initially thinking that I would do a little life laundy and editing of the wardrobe but it's looking increasingly like all I'll be doing is bunging my clothes and shoes in last minute bin bags and taking the lot with me (Ah, the bloke will be pleased).

So, packing has left me no time to muse about clothes - except to obsess on why I have so many!- and no time for things like surfing the net, checking out my favourite blogs and finding new ones or any kind of shopping whatsoever. Today is the first day since last Thursday that I've even glanced at a computer in any meaningful way and I've been trying to catch up with everything.

Boy, I've missed a lot! For instance: the current blog buzz surrounding the Miu Miu double skirted look, as addressed by Michelle and Susie; a rash of tagging culminating in me getting to see the inside of LLG and DRG's handbags and find out why Winona at Daddy Likey is a thinking blogger as well as being hilarious and a little bit mad (and, by the way, why has no-one ever tagged me? Is it something I said? Do I smell of wee? What?!); MaholoFashion blogger awards; and this perfect Betsey Johnson coat on altamira nyc. I think that bum bow will keep a certain WendyB very happy.

Gotta sign off now but big thanks to all who have stuck around and left a comment or two while I've been away. Much appreciated. I will return soon with an all new Outfit of the week and other such items of goodness. And don't forget to have a good ol' root around in the archives. You never know what you might find.

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