Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Shoe Lurve - Joia reptile gladiator heels, £40 at Oli

Oh mama! How I lurve these shoes. It's not often that I lust after that faux snakeskin texture but I just love the way that these shoes are made out of so many cutout panels. These are shoes that will give a hard edge to everything they touch so I'd be wearing them with the maximun amount of girlie ruffle-age I could find or maybe a very, very, twee ditsy print dress.

Speaking of which, I'm hankering after ruffles of any kind at the moment and I feel my hands twitching to try out some DIY, so you might be seeing some sort of result (no matter how cack handed) in th near future.

So, back to the shoes... if there's one thing I don't like about them it's that funny ol' heel. It is far too dainty and prissy for a shoe such as this. I would've preferred something with a bit more heft and height.

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