Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hello! Where were we..?

I know! I feel like I haven't posted for ages. First off, let me just say Happy New Year to you all lovely readers and thank you for continuing to drop by even during my going xmas AWOL. It's been a hectic and fabulous break and it's good to be back.

So what've I been up to? Well, in no particular order:
  • Xmas parties. Eating enough to feed a small elephant and drinking enough to tranquilize said elephant. For a month.
  • Wore my lovely new purple platform lace-ups at every opportunity and to the universal approval of my adoring fans (okay friends and fam)
  • Slobbed around in the bloke's padded lumberjack shirt, eating leftovers, watching xmas telly (I was rather underwhelmed by the latest Doctor Who xmas special. It was bit rubbish really, which is a shame cos I lurve me some Doctor, yes I do!) and recovering from various states of hangover
  • Xmas pressies. I got the coolest presents from the bloke, including a fabulous diamante bib choker from Polkadot (I loved it so much I wanted to wear it slobbing around in the lumberjack shirt but I didn't want to get any leftovers on it), Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume, Ted Baker red fingerless mittens

  • Got a year older. It was my birthday on December 30th. I hate my birthday. It falls in that no-man's land part of the year when everyone's full of xmas turkey, broke from xmas shopping, gone on xmas holidays and not interested in any parties until New Year's eve. Which means that nothing much ever happens on my birthday. Even my parents forgot my birthday once. (Hi Mom! Hi Dad! No, still haven't forgiven you; I was 12 years old!). Anyhoo, I did get a rather spiffy, brand-spanking-new bike for my birthday, which gave me an excuse to buy a totally rad, shiny red Bell helmet. Didn't do the sales. Two reasons for this: Reason the first, this winter's sales have been so uninspiring so far. Most of the stuff I've seen has either been still too expensive even with price cuts or just too cheap and dull to even bother with. Reason the second, I am going to have the brokest arse January of my life because the bloke and I are moving into a new place together, which means a healthy wodge of cash is going towards deposits and other expensive stuff (hardly a motivator for sales shopping!) Of course I will still do my sales picks for you guys (why should you have to suffer?) I do have to warn you though, it is slim pickins out there.

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