Thursday, 3 January 2008

Hang on a minute...

Am I the last person on the fashion planet to know who Ann-Sofie Back is and that Ann-Sofie Back, the Ann-Sofie Back, did a 2007 fusion line for Oli? Or is this some kind of blood secret where anyone who reveals the truth is caught and gutted alive and forced to eat their own bloody entrails until they choke to death... (Oh, dear. Far too much watching of the Masters of Horror). 'Nyhoo... back to my musings...

I only ask because I really, really like ASB's stuff. It's got everything: style, cut, edge, spunk. In fact if I had to be reincarnated as an item of clothing, I would like to be one of these:

Back's clothes have front. They snarl at you, challenge you to a fight and kick your damned arse. Love. Her.

If you want to buy some affordable Back, check out the Oli sale. These are a few of my favourites:
Image sources:
First collage images via Ann-Sofie Back
Second collage images via

Speaking of the Oli sale, it's got some fab bargains. Here are some of my other sales picks (little add: I would watch out for the kimono dress. Although it has a lovely shape, it's a cunning blend of wool, nylon, acrylic and a teeny bit of cashmere - which, I find, never bodes well):

From top left to right: Fever tie-waist coat, £55; Jasmine Guinness tux, £60; Naughty Kimono dress, £68; Looking Glass nautical dress, £32; Fever knit dress, £40; Thomas Vicary pencil skirt, £40; and cut and sew skirt, £55

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