Monday, 7 January 2008

Fantasy sales picks

For the most part, for we lowly plebs who still rely on the leftoevers of the paycheck for our shopping pleasure, these sale items are out of reach. Still, there's no harm in looking. So what, if every now and then I have to lick the screen?

Clockwise from top: Hamish Morrow dress, £145; Mauro Grifoni cashmere knit, £90; Nina Ricci skirt, £489; Giulia Piersanti bib dress, £175

I lurve these shoes. Never have I come so close to considering bank robbery as a viable career option!

Clockwise from top: Jenne O patent thigh boots, £270; Sabelt green lace-up boots, £134; Dries Van Norten shboots, £185; Marc Jacobs ankle boots, £228

Images via Browns and

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