Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Something old - Shellys, studs and zips

dressed and pressed, all the shoes I own, bootsThese boots weren't made for walking: dodgy image of my Shellys boots complete with grass stains. How I spoil you!

So, I was rummaging round the back of my wardrobe (a sort of style Narnia, if you will) a couple of weeks ago, and I pulled out these Shellys boots that I'd almost forgotten that I had.

I'd bought them in last year's winter sales, attracted by the contrast between the suede and leather and the snub-nosed, faintly biker/cowboy shape of them. There was also the price, which was a measly £15. I tell you, I could not buy them fast enough!

Then I got them home and found out the truth about these seemingly perfect boots. They hurt. A lot. Now don't get me wrong, they were the right size, so I didn't feel like my toes were being placed in a mangle and slowly wrung to death. No, the problem was the insole, which had this high stiff arch, which would've been okay. If I had high arches. Which I don't.

Anyway, I wore them out once to the pub with friends and - despite the alcohol - I was in so much pain midway through the night that I had to leave early. So that's how the boots ended up in style Narnia.

Recently, I replaced the insoles with two layers of store-bought cushioned insoles and suddenly they're a delight to wear. Which is great. The added bonus being, my boots are also back in fashion and ticking about three major trend boxes: ornamental studs and zips, black, biker/roper boots. Makes the suffering seem so much more worthwhile...

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