Sunday, 16 December 2007

Aaand, I'm back!

Yes, I know that weekend posts have been getting increasingly sporadic of late. It's just that time of the year when the social life takes over and a girl's mind turns to Christmas shopping.

I'm not a big fan of the Christmas shopping, it's stressful and I'm not very organised and leave it all to the last minute, which makes it worse. Also, I've got some changes and projects coming up next year that seem to be sucking the money right out of my wallet, so I'm thinking cheap and cheerful gifts. Some of the things I'm seriously considering:
  • Book tokens - desperate times call for desperate measures, my friends and the book token is your only friend when the Christmas going gets tough
  • MP3 mix tape - okay, I have to explain this. This is where you buy one of those USB storage devices, then download favourite music from your collection (a la the mix tapes of old) and place it is a pretty festive box and give it to a loved one. It's personal, it takes some effort, and it's cheap if you get bargain USB storage
  • Handmade IOU notes - for this you need coloured paper, some scissors and fertile imagination (not to mention the tight-fistedness of scrooge himself. But, hey, don't judge!)
  • A collection of Poundshop candles, tastefully packaged in a Woolworths' gift box. Add some tinsel and some red tissue paper and it looks really festive, honest
D'you think I could get away with these, or should I just suck it up and face the pain like everyone else? Ah, the pressure.

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