Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Topshop's wonder knit

I have to rave about this cowl-neck, buttoned knit top from Topshop because it has aready turned into my autumn staple top and so far I haven't worn it the same way twice.

It doesn't look like much on first viewing. Grey cowl neck, buttons down one side, short, twisted sleeves. It looks like the sort of sub-Vivienne Westwood fare that All Saints seems to have cornered the market on in recent times.

In fact the reason why it caught my eye at all was because the day before I'd been looking at Vogue's shots from Viv's Spring/Summer 08 collection. It brought to mind this image:

I loved the way that she'd taken that knit and made it slouchier and even more impossible by buttoning it up all wrong. I saw those buttons on the Topshop knit and it all came to me.

Since then, I've been experimenting with buttoning the top up in different ways. So far I've got three looks - apart from the one Topshop intended - a pretty off-the-shoulder look, a v-ed cowl (which you can see in the photo if you squint real hard and make a wish - I really suck at the whole taking illustrative photos thing, sorry), and a kind of copy of the mis-buttoned look that Westwood showed.

Pretty cool for £30 worth of top.

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