Thursday, 6 September 2007

What is up with... predicting future fashion

This is the future?

The world of fashion trends is a fickle arena. No sooner have we found out what's in store for us in Autumn 2007 than the pundits are on to 2008.

Strangely the whole trend prediction stuff is giving me a mean sense of deja vu because, guess what? Neons are back. Again. As are vintage and vintage inspired clothes and punk.

But even more worrying than the deja vu is the litany of fashion don'ts that are coming our way. Short shorts for men, anyone? Any? One?

Who's responsible for all this? The 70 year old David Wolfe, creative director of The Doneger Group, a fashion-forecasting firm in NYC. Here's a quote from the horse's (or should I say, arse's) mouth "Youth is out, old is in..." Well what do you expect from someone's grandad?

At least you'll know where to find him when it comes time for a lynching.

What's coming our way, according to Dave:

Neon colours (more shopping disasters, whoop-de-doo)

The '60s are back (ask yourselves, did they ever go away?)

Punk (yawn!)

Rich is cool (AKA Luxe. Silk, fur and eternal debt)

Short shorts for men (Yeah. Right.)

Estate accessories (more bling)

Eco-friendly material (Hello, have you met my friend, organic cotton? No?)

Beijing rules (Olympics in China? Can only mean one thing)

Clothing transformed (clothes get techie. How do you fancy owning a motorised skirt? Thought so.)

Skinny ties (at all good vintage stores where geek fashion tribes have been buying them for... oh, let me see now... ever!)

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