Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The return of ripped jeans?

I had hoped that I might be able to sit out the whole of London Fashion Week without more than the odd oblique comment. Afterall, what could I possibly have to add to the plethora of comment that has come from people who have actually attended and have been within kissing distance of the clothes.

However, my silence has been broken by the simple intimation that ripped jeans - and by extension the 80s - may be coming back, courtesy of Christopher Kane's efforts. Please, say it ain't so. Ripped jeans people. I... But... They are Ripped. Jeans. *shudder*. Please don't let this happen.

Just say No!: Christopher Kane SS08

And another thing...
Luela Bartley's collection looks bubblegum cute and I am loving the jodphurs and the high-waist hotpants (even though they have left me with a lingering feeling of deja vu). I had hoped, however, that the era of grown up chic might continue into SS08 and beyond. Guess not.

Looks familiar: Luella SS08

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