Saturday, 15 September 2007

Outfit of the week 15/09/07

The moment I saw this silk organza ruffle skirt from Monsoon, I knew there were only two options open to it as an outfit of the week: go with the girlie flow of it and add a pretty blouse and cute shoes or go completely against everything it represents and turn it into the gothic byker outfit that it was always meant to be.

This simple wife-beater tank, bomber jacket and buckled boots combo, makes me feel really happy for the future of this skirt. And check out the skinny tie. This is the kind of thing that Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would wear (I always preferred her. She was badass.)

Tank top, American Apparel, £12
Skirt, Monsoon £45
Jacket, River Island, £120
Buckle boots, Schuh, £59.99
Leather clutch £40 and skinny tie, £6, both Topshop

100 per cent of voters voted this outfit a do and Faith far better value than Buffy.

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