Sunday, 30 September 2007

Boot camp

'Tis the season to start thinking boots but what to get? Shboots, ankle boots, knee-highs, over-knee? There are so many styles to choose from I just can't make up my mind but here are some I've got my beady eye on.

Blue boots
Blue. It's everywhere and in every hue. It's a perfect colour for mixing and matching with other brights. I especially love a blue and yellow or blue and green combo.

Even though I've already picked up a great pair of blue ankle boots at H&M, these boots have also caught my eye. I love the ruched detail shboots from Pied a Terre. A little rich for my budget but still darling. I'm also loving the dark blue lace up ankle boots from KG because they are so Mary Poppins.

Pied a terre ruched detail, £180; Shellys bow detail, £65; Office pointed, £65; KG lace-up, £130

Funky boots
Not everyone'll agree but I think nothing beats a good pair of stand out boots. These are the kind of boots that'll add interest to even the most boring outfit. On those days when a last minute touch of something different is needed, these are the boots that'll come through. Sure, they're not for the faint hearted or for safer tastes but I love 'em. Check out these amazing harlequin multi-coloured boots from Office, aren't they just fabulous?
KG metallic, £120; Office multi-coloured, £100; Office gold, £65; Bertie two-tone, £125

Bolshy boots
I just didn't know what to call these boots but the word "superbad" comes to mind. Part biker, part-pirate, all buckles and zips and black leather and swagger, these are boots that are kicking arse and taking names. I really, really want a pair of these multi-buckled, over-knee wonders from KG.

KG multi-buckle, £170; Faith square-toe, £95; Shellys front zip, £85

Button boots
Boots with buttons always look good, whether they're formal or casual. I love the button detail on the back of the purple boots from Office and forget uggs and get into the casual slouchy-ness of these black suede flat boots with popper buttons.

Carvela side-buttoned, £95; Office back-buttoned, £80 and popper buttoned, £55

Dress up boots
These are the boots that are something special, the kind you play dress up with. Pretty, classy and different, these boots scream: I'm a girl! I want all three of these for different reasons. The Red or Dead side lace ones, look like they deserve long gloves a cape and pencil skirt suit and furs and a jaunty hat...

The suede black and gold boots from Head Over Heels, look like they were torn off the feet of a 40s starlet, and as for these strappy numbers from Miss L Fire, I'll bet your already thinking of the various pair of patterned socks you could wear with them. I know I am.

Red or Dead side lace, £89.99; Head Over Heels black and gold, £120; Miss L Fire strappy, £105.

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