Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The obligatory note on the Kate Moss collection for Topshop

They look good on kate: items from the collection

So, as predicted by everyone on planet fashion, the Kate Moss collection for Topshop caused the expected frenzy. The queues were long, the press was out, the bloggers blogged, yada, yada.

Sadly, no one died in a stampede because Topshop averted disaster by being organised to the point of anally retentive (Bah, killjoys!).

I was staying well away from that particular nightmare but still managed to take drive-by pictures of the queues from a bus on my way home.

And what about the clothes? Well according to the wire, the verdict is: not that great, actually. Complaints range from overpriced, flimsy, cheap looking items to not being able to find anything you actually wanted because it's... not on sale yet (way to go, Topshop! Make a noise, then don't deliver, why don't you?)

Anyway, here's my ten pence worth:

  • Yes, there are some pieces that have caught my eye like the navy-blue maxidress with the little attached waistcoat and the one shoulder, pleated prom dress. Good luck finding these anywhere else but on ebay.

  • I had look on the website and - plus ca change - there's nothing worth buying available

  • Buying anything from this collection will not miraculously make you look like Kate Moss. In fact, all it will do is highlight the fact that you look nothing like Kate Moss.

  • You can buy all the clothes you want but you can't buy style. Style is special and personal. It's not what you buy, it's what you do with it. That is what Kate Moss is good at; and what Kate-alikes, in general, are not.

  • The clothes that appear in this collection, with a few notable exceptions, exist on the high street right now for a lot less. See my list.

Basically this collection is for the mindless sheep who consume celebrity gossip without irony, who think that Victoria Beckham has a perfect body and that Jordan is a role model of note.

If you're that kind of person, good luck to you. If you're not, avoid the hype and just enjoy the fine art of dressing up.

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