Thursday, 19 April 2007

I love my corset

Vamp it up:
Fairy Goth Mother Steel boned underbust corset, £145

This week, I finally took delivery of my very first corset. Exciting or what? I honestly don't know why it's taken me so long. Yes, with starting prices just shy of £100, they're not cheap, but now I own one, I have got to say they are fabulous.

First of all, the actual shopping experience was great. The girlies at Fairy Goth Mothers (thank you ladies!) were fabulous; helping me try on different styles, trussing me in and showing me how lace it up myself. They even gave the bloke a go.

Corsets give you an amazing shape. I haven't been a size 10 in a long while, but in a corset I have a 26 inch waist. Even better, I've still go my curves. Once you get the hang of them they're not that fiddly to put on and, contrary to popular belief, they are actually a lot more comfortable than you think.

Then there's just the sheer drama of the item - there's something about wearing a corset that just adds up to instant vamp. In my corset, I am Betty Page, Deeta Von Teese and Jessica Rabbit all rolled into one. I put it on and out comes the red lippy, liquid eyeliner and sky-scraper heels. It's that kind of garment.

I got an underbust corset, which basically means I can wear it underneath clothing or on the outside as a belt. Perfect. And it's black so I intend to wear it with everything. Watch out world.

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