Sunday, 4 March 2007

Elegantly waisted

dressed and pressed, clothing, shorts, high waistI am so in love with the new high-waisted look in the shops right now. Now, let me say right up front, I am not a skinny girl, but the right fit in a high waist can give you a great hour-glass figure, especially if you've got an apple shape like mine. I bought a great pair of high-waisted denim shorts, £24.99, from H&M recently (see image left). Wearing them is just like putting on a corset, sucks you right in.

Come to think of it, H&M are doing some great high-waist styles on everything from skirts to trousers. Also, check out Warehouse, whosedressed and pressed, clothing, skirt, braces high-waist skirt with braces, has been flying from their stores (see image right) .

Preen dressed and pressed, high waist, skirt, clothingalso have this lovely high-waist skirt for Topshop, £60 (below left).

Best way to wear them is with a nice slim-fit jersey top or tee, or if you're a skinny Minny, try a silk or satin smock top.

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