Friday, 30 March 2007

What is up with... The curse of the phantom brogues

Has anybody seen or bought the two-tone brogues from New Look, £25? They have been in virtually every fashion and shopping magazine and all over internet sites but has anyone actually seen them? Because I haven't and none of the retail assistants in the "selected stores" to which they are supposed to be sent has seen them either.

And while we're on the topic of retail assistants: I know they work very hard, for very little money but it is a travesty for a retail assistant in a shop that sells shoes not to know what a brogue is. What's... a brogue? Not one for the CV girls. Just saying.

Anyway, I know that magazines typically source images months in advance of release of merchandise but when I call up the actual shop in question, I expect them to at least have a clue when they might arrive. Otherwise, why constantly advertise them?

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