Thursday, 15 March 2007

Come the backlash

I warned you about it and it looks like it's finally happening. There's a groundswell of people who have decided they don't want to look like anyone else, they're fed-up of cookie-cutter, high street style and that Skeletor in skinnies is so not a look.

According to a survey, the new style icon is Ugly Betty. People dig her individual style. It's all about geek chic.

Take a look around you:

  • Tyrah Banks is bigger than ever (and I don't mean the hair or the show)
  • curvy actresses like America Ferrera and Jennifer Hudson are ruling the red carpet
  • fashion is supersizing everything in sight - from jeans to dresses to bags
  • Zara - last bastion of the normal size 14 as an extra large - is making it's dress sizes more realistic
  • And then there's Beth Ditto
Back up y'all, the booty is back and it is HUGE. Forget body con and size zero, the trend that's set to run and run is real women with real curves and big personalities.

Now excuse me while I go burn my spanx and eat another chocolate biscuit.

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