Thursday, 18 June 2009

Get a load of V V

There has been a lot of buzz around indie popstrel VV Brown over the past few months, enough for her to enter my peripheral consciousness and prompt a Youtube trawl to find out what she's all about. Pleasantly, I kinda like her happy, poppy, "doo wop indie" sound.

It's the kind of music that reminds me of my childhood spent listening to Elvis Presley and trying to tease my, frankly unmanageable, think afro hair into a slick quiff, whilst perfecting my lip curl and jumping around like a possesed wind up toy. Ah... Good times...

It helps that Ms Brown is utterly gorgeous and quirkily stylish. I do like a good dose of eye candy in my music videos. "The suits" have been quick to jump on the cool kid status bandwagon and purveyors of fine mobile phones, 2 for one cinema offers and music sponsorship, Orange have had V V design their orange poncho for Glastonbury this year, which means that I can use this totally gratuous shot of VV with said Poncho on my blog.
Isn't it fetching? Don't you want one for your very own? Well, there are 100 free limited edition ponchos up for grabs at Orange's Chill 'n' Charge tent at Glasto this weekend.

Now let's see a bit more of the divine Ms Brown in action, shall we?

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