Thursday, 2 April 2009

I want it now! Topshop rainbow brief case, £35

I have long held the opinion that no matter how much you may like what you do for a living, some days work is just... work. And it's a non-stop, angsty, stressy slog that starts the moment you leave the house and join the general flow of drones until you get back home again. It's doubly annoying in the winter when you have to get out of your bed in darkness and return in darkness. So depressing.

So yay! for springtime and also this lovely rainbow brief case, which should bring on an instant personal ray of sunshine that'll combat any work related dreariness with it's cheerful, colourful presence.

So bright and colourful is it, that I am convinced it was actually made in a factory in the mythical land of Oz. Could it have magic powers to immediately make you bolder, brainier and more loving of your fellow man? Who cares? It's gorge.

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