Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy shoe year

I love shoes and I have a lot of them but shoe storage is always a problem. I mean, it would be great if my wildest dreams came true and I suddenly discovered a fourth dimension of infinite storage in my current wardrobe but while the boffins are trying to figure out that particular scientific conundrum, I've hit on an interim three-dimensional solution.

I managed to procure for myself (and let's just take a moment there and bask in the beauty that is the word "procure"... Aah. Lovely). As I was saying, I managed to procure for myself - through a measure of charm, guile and elbow grease - one of those rotating card/book holding units that you might find in your local charity shop.

I immediately saw the possibilities: tall and relatively thin, with lots of little holders to hang things off, casters for rolling around and the rotating feature. Would make and excellent shoe tree, I thought to myself. And it does (click images to enlarge).

Neutral territory

In the red corner

All the pretty colours

I've hung all my heeled shoes off it, freeing up shelf space for my flats and boots, and it looks like a real tree with shoes growing of it like leaves. I've even got it colour coded. It's arty and practical. Love it. If I have the time, I might spray paint it gold. Just for fun.

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