Monday, 5 January 2009

Bags of fun

Did I mention I got whisked off to Amsterdam after Xmas by the bloke for my birthday? Naturally I had to add the museum of bags and purses to my itinerary. I spent a blissful couple of hours looking at a visual history of bags from 1500s to the present day followed by a whole room full of evening bags and "it" bags. Glorious.

There were bags made of every conceivable material from plastics to enamels, precious metals and a mind-boggling number of skins (leopard, shark, eel iguana, etc)

Here are some of my favourites:
Clockwise from top left: ship-shaped pochette, green and balck enameled pochette, leopardskin bag (yes, that is the leopard's face, eek!), clear plastic bag with applique flowers. Credits: Tassenmueum Hendrijke

And pics from the special evening bag exhibition:

Cupcake bag by Judith Leiber last seen on Sex and the City movie

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