Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A few of my favourite things: Capes, cocoons and eggshapes

Yes, the trench coat may forever be a wardrobe classic but I've got to say I'm liking my coats a bit edgier at the moment. Capes seem to suddenly be the big thing this winter, even though they've been edging their way on to the high street for the past two winters, now. I think we've all only just got the hang of them.

I think my main problem with the cape has been: "too airy for winter." When you're neck deep in icicles (figuratively speaking, of course) the last thing you need is a coat with gaping sides and no sleeves. I've learned to combat this problem with lots of layers and arm warmers with elbow length gloves. Oh, and also if it's really cold, just wear a parka already!

The other eternal cape conundrum is: "where the hell do I put my bag now?" I generally put it in the crook of my elbow. Though the only real solution is don't carry a bag. Impossible, I know.

Clockwise from top: Black cape with contrast lining, Full Circle@Urban Outfitters; red checked, Full Circle; hooded, Oli; belted, Next; 3-button, Ted Baker

If you just can't be dealing with the cape and all it's doings, consider the faux-cape shape of the cocoon or egg-shaped. You've got that nice bit of volume but you've also got sleeves.
Clockwise from top: Cocoon parka, Full Circle; cropped trench, All Saints; egg coat, Full Circle; purple cashmere, Lizzy Lu @ASOS

Lastly, unless your trying out for a part in Sound of Music you might want to consider going skinny on your bottom half to balance out the volume on top. So - skinnies, leggings, pencil skirts, fitted dresses all look fab. Full skirts and wide legged trousers, do not. But what do I know? You probably like looking like you've been dressed by Quality Street when you leave the house of a morning.

Primark cape, American Apparel leggings, very old OTK boots.

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