Thursday, 6 November 2008

Cherry on top

I love cherries. They're probably my favourite fruit of all time, though they cause me no end of, um, "airy discomforts". I'll take them in any form from pie to cough drops (cherry tunes... Mmmmm).

Somehow this cherry love has stretched over to my sartorial life. How else do you explain my love for these cherry covered shoes and clutch bag from Faith?

Yes, they're matching and sort of twee but also utterly cute and workable.

You could work a sophisticated yet kookie look by pairing with a simple LBD and black opaque tights. Just for fun add this gorgeous cherry pendant. Work do sorted. Dress, French Connection@ Oli.

They'd also work well dressed down with some turned up blue jeans and pretty printed tee or check blouse. Rockabilliscious. Jeans, Urban Outfitters, tops, Oli

But I'd most probably want to wear them with this Peter Jensen prom dress from Topshop and some cherries in my hair.

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