Monday, 8 September 2008

Well said

Reading through Observer Woman this weekend, I came upon an interview with LoveFoxxx from the band CSS, which again confirmed to me the essential problem with the skin-tight catsuit, and the only way to overcome it.

It also gave me some much needed insight into the true properties and uses of Lycra, while sparking the epiphany that there really isn't much difference between a crazy cat lady and a crazy catsuit-wearing lady. Over to you, LoveFoxx:
"Whenever I get excited about a show or I know that I'm coming back to London, I always wear my catsuit, but it's impossible to take it off, so I just pee through it onstage! Luckily it dries quickly, because it's Lycra, which is just magic stuff."

Well said, wee-stinking, crazy catsuit-wearing lady, well said.

Image credits: Mookychick and Tony Two Legs

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