Sunday, 28 September 2008

The right trousers

In these money-squeezed times we live in, I find myself increasingly drawn to the idea of shopping my own closet for outfits. Instead of acquiring more stuff, I've taken to looking at what I've already got and fitting it all together in new and interesting ways. I guess you can do that if you have a veritable jumble sale of a wardrobe.

Much as I envy them, it makes me glad in a way that I'm not one of those minimalists with a severely edited capsule wardrobe. It's fun when you can treat your wardrobe like a giant, whimsical dressing up box.

After spending quite a bit of time coveting the new peg-legged trouser shape, I thought that I'd have to alter a pair of wide leg trousers to get that taper. Then I found that I already had the raw materials of what I was looking for: a pair of high paper-bag waisted trousers from H&M which I bought last Autumn.

When I first got them it was for the pleasure of that high waist - which comes to just underneath my bust - and the leg length which looked just right with platform-wedge heels.

Now I'm loving them for the roomy billow and taper of the leg. When I roll up the hems I get instant peg-leg effect, all the better to show of ankle and shoe boots.

With the high waist I can wear them with a crop top - in this case a folded-in batwing dress that has been laying around the 'drobe for eons. Meaning I flash just a strip of belly flesh - which is, ahem, more than enough, believe me.

Even better, I can fold down the waist so it's no longer super high and wear with various tees and tops. Pretty nifty and not a penny spent.

If I ever get fed up with the hem roll, I might consider cutting the legs shorter but for now only cosmetic changes are needed.

Trousers, H&M (throughout); "Cropped" top, H&M; pink belt, thrifted; strappy, patent shoes, Topshop; pink socks, H&M

Showgirl print tee, Primark; Mushroom collared booties, Scorah Patullo; socks, House of Fraser

Grey mesh shirt, thrifted; grey cowl-neck vest, Diesel; patent grey and black pointy shoes, Bershka; socks, as beforeBlack bejwelled fascinator, and black bead choker, H&M; scarf, thrifted; fluffy jumper, thrifted; grey mesh shirt, shoes and socks, as before

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