Wednesday, 16 July 2008


There are very few people on the planet with a look as iconic or instantly recognisable as Karl Lagerfeld's. His uniform of tight tailored trousers and jacket, black shades, pulled back white ponytail, and fingerless leather gloves, are pretty much a uniform.

Although I think the look has more to do with the silhouette and the palette of black white and grey than the actual clothes. Either way, you can see unkle Karl coming a mile off.

So when I saw him modelling a rather natty, neon yellow safety vest in a recent French public safety advert, I thought: "brilliant choice".

Then I got an evil little germ of an idea: since he is so manniquin perfect, wouldn't it be fun to dress Karl up a bit. Much like one of those cut out paper dolls with the little cutout outfits you could dress them in.

Which led to these (click on images to enlarge):

Why Unkle Karl, you are so veree chic! Hee!

This is fun... Anyone a dab hand with ye olde photoshop want to try it out? Send me your best efforts, pretty please, and I'll post them.

Images of clothing courtesy: Net a Porter, Schuh

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