Friday, 30 May 2008

Shoe Lurve - Red or Dead Maxa, £69.99 at Schuh

It's no secret that I like Mary Janes. It's even a less of a secret that I like bright colours. So it's a no-brainer that these shoes from Red or Dead are rocking my world right now. The jewel bright colours and contrasting pink lining are gorgeous (and, oh look, there's pink and green again).

There's a nice, manageable, 3.5 inch heel and it's all finished of with that enormous brass buckle, which leaves the shoes just the other side of cute.

If I have one niggle, it's that the buckle is emblazoned with the Red or Dead logo and - FYI guys - let's be a little more discreet. If I've bought a pair of shoes, the last thing I want is to be someone's walking billboard.

Their perfect round-toed loveliness, is just the right alternative to sandals for this summer's round of parties. They also come in black or tan, if you are at all interested. I prefer them bold and bright.

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