Thursday, 29 May 2008

I want it now - H&M harem pants, £19.99

I'm starting to develop a very bad harem pant habit. I probably already have too many but I wouldn't mind adding this pair to my collection.

Yes, with that low, low, crotch drop and the drainpipe tightness in the leg, they're bordering on bizzare. The model just about manages to pull them off, so God only knows what they'd look like on someone relatively normal.

Having said that, it's their bizzare-ness that makes them so attractive. They would look brilliant with a simple cotton vest, some high heeled, strappy sandals and layers of beads. The price isn't bad either...

Where am I going? Why to the nearest H&M, naturally. I have a feeling these won't be around for long.

Image credit: H&M Magazine

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