Friday, 18 April 2008

Outfit of the week 18/04/08

All this incredible-disappearing-sunshine weather is getting me all depressed, so cheer myself up , I thought I'd put together a fun casual summer outfit with lots of colour and quirk. Am still very much on the frills tip, hence the frill tiered top and skirt. I love a bit of a juicy colour contrast - orange and mint green, green and pink, orange and pink - these are some of my favourite combinations for eye-catching colour.

A touch of sheer colour with contrasting sheer tights from Jonathan Aston (I'm thinking pink but no pics available). And just for the sheer pereverse hell of it, I'm chucking in some floral detail from this cute shopper and adorable leather cuff.

There. I feel better already.

In an almost evenly split result, 55 per cent of you rate this outfit was a sunshiny Do and 44 per cent of you thought it was a bit too much Don't.

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Tiered top and skirt, £28 each, both at Warehouse
Floral shopper, £10, and floral cuff, £15, both at Miss Selfridge
Flat bow pumps, £28 at Office
Sheer tights (various colours), £.395 at Jonathan Aston

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