Thursday, 24 April 2008

Offers, offers, everywhere...

Typical. I'm at my most broke, ever (okay, at least since the last time I was broke. Which is... Not terribly long ago... What?). Where was I? Yes, most broke ever, and suddenly the one-off offers are pouring in left, right and centre. It's so unfair! *scrunches up face and pouts like a hormone addled teen*.

Anyway, I figure if I'm not getting any joy out of it all, I'll at least share it with you in the hope that someone, somewhere, is flush enough to take full advantage.

Faith, one of my favourite high street shoe shops, is offering 20 per cent off everything online or, if you can be arsed to go into the shops, a buy one get one half price offer. Which would allow you to buy any of these:

Of course, when they say everything, they don't really mean everything. The Finsk collection is not on offer. So you'll have to pick up these totally covetable lace-ups for the full asking price of £65! Why, Faith, why?
Yoox are doing the mother of all sample sales with 90 per cent off on designer everything. Even as I type, articles are mysteriously disappearing, so you better get in there quick. You've got five days. Make them count.
Dress, Sinha Stanic; boots, Galliano, lace-ups, Le Silla ; wedges, Patrizia Pepe

ASOS are doing 20 per cent off selected heels. Here are a few you might want to "select" for yourself. So cheap, I might even consider buying a pair myself.

Topshop's mid-season sale is now on. So grab yourself a little ombre or a one shoulder wonder.
That's all for now folks.

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