Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Dressing on a curve

Yeah, it's been a looong weekend peeps. So long, that I couldn't get round to posting yesterday... Soz.

While I've been away with the weekend fairies, I've spent time wondering: where did all the curvy go? While surfing around my current obsession with the pin-up look, it struck me how hugely the female body aesthetic has changed.

Just how did we get from bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page - or even more recently, the original supermodels - to the skinny, no boobs, no arse, no... body(!) women who are lauded today. How is that stick figure look attractive and why do designers continue to insist on trying to shrink women down to a shadow of womanhood?

More importantly, why do we let them? How is Victoria Beckham (AKA skeletor spice) and various other lollipop headed celebs in any way preferable to any normal sized woman? As you can see, I am full of questions.

Anyway, I think what I find most attractive about the good old fashioned curvy lady is that hip to waist ratio - teenie waist swelling into full hips. I'm not sure that they make women like that anymore and I think that look had everything to do with the underwear.

Bullet bras, full body girdles, half-girdles, waist nippers, corsets, these were the tools of the trade that gave that comely silhouette, that ultra-femme form. And even when the curvy ladies of yore weren't trussed up in their "shapewear", they wore the most flattering smalls - high waisted pants that nipped in the waist and covered the belly, pretty pettycoats and silken slips... So much more drool-worthy than any of the absurd, butt flossing, whale tail giving, excuses for underwear that's on offer today.

Gotta get me some of that.

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