Friday, 25 January 2008

Outfit of the week 25/01/08

Finally, I've had more than a minute free to put together an Outfit of the Week. As you know, between packing and moving and moving in and unpacking it's been a very stressful month and - of course - we still don't have internet access, so I'm basically cyber squatting (with permission!) at the moment.

Anyhoo, to the outfit... Seeing as spring/summer trends are tending towards a surfeit of prints and pansies and splashes of colour, I thought it would be fun to have an outfit that clashed them all together and still came out looking good.

Celeste Stien's beautifully patterned floral tights and the uber-cute dress patchwork-ish dress from Miss Selfridge provide the clash and a dash of my favourite red via the red long-sleeve tee (for added warmth) and shiny patent lace-ups provide a shot of colour and pull the clashing prints together. If you're out and about pull on your favourite black leather biker jacket and a big denim bag. Cute and kitsch.

64 per cent of you thought that this was clash to die for and rated this outfit a Do
35 per cent of you are seeking treatment for possible permanent eye damage and say it's a Don't

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Miss Selfridge dress, £28
Celeste Stein floral tights at, £9.95
Kurt Geiger red lace-ups, £39
American Apparel long-sleeve tee, £15

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