Thursday, 20 December 2007

Your questions answered - buckle alice band

Earlier this week Anonymous wrote:

You know everything about the high street so I bet you can help me - recently I saw a hair band (alice band) in a magazine and now I can't remember which shop it was from and I can't find the magazine (nor remember which magazine it was) - the hairband is plain black with a diamante buckle on it - I'm desparate to find it and keep looking in every shop I go in but no luck so far - have you seen this anywhere? - I'd appreciate any help.

Well, first off, let me share with you a glossy magazine secret handed down to the rest of us plebs by the sage DisneyRollerGirl: not everything that you see in the mags actually makes it to shop floors. So it might well be that the lovely bauble you saw was just a for show. It is the sort of diabolical marketing that the High Street has stooped to make us want more or in my case, rant. A lot.

Nevertheless, I gave it my best shot. I looked high and I looked low. I scanned many shops and many websites. I found every kind of Alice band known to mankind - multicoloured, thick, thin, with bows, diamante, feathers and jewels but I could not find anything, that had diamante, buckle and black.

I did find:

This Alice band from Esprit, £6.95 has a buckle but is tweedy black and white:

Then there's this bejewelled black number on sale for £2.50 from Dorothy Perkins, (sadly now sold out):

On my travels through cyberspace I also found Glitz4Girls, a website that has every conceiveable permutation of hair band you could ever wish for. Except what you're looking for. Amongst the pile was this simple black leather coated band for £2.75:

At the pricier end of the market (if money is no object) there is this lovely bowed Alice band from Miu Mui at Start, which I think is very fetching but ridiculously priced at £55:

So, basically, I failed you and I'm sorry. Now I'm going to my room to sulk.

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