Monday, 5 November 2007

Outfit of the week 5/11/07

I'm in a bit of a mad raspberry mood this week. It's basically because I've just bought those very cute raspberry lace-ups from Topshop and I'm waiting -patiently - for them to arrive.

I am also loving autumn shorts. Seeing as we had such a pissy summer, it's nice that we're having a mild autumn, so far! I bet I just jinxed it for everyone and a freak storm is all like: "mild, huh? I'll show you mild missy!"

Anyway... This outfit is based in part on the rasperry lace-ups and in part on the shorts, I like the school-boyish feel, that feels complete with the addition of the satchel but is also belied by the bright colours.

Always a must for autumn shorts, thick tights. But chunky knit socks would work equally well. Wear with a cropped jacket of your choice. I call peacoat!

It's almost a 50-50 split with 57% rating this outfit a "Do" and 42% rating this outfit a "Don't". Either way, y'all liked the shoes and that's all that matters!

Red beenie, £10; scarf, £12 and v-neck, £10; Dorothy Perkins

Shorts £50, French Connection

Tights, £8, Accessorize

Raspberry shoes, £55, Topshop

PU satchel, £12, Miss Selfridge

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